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Triple piercings

9 November 2018
It is possible to have multiple piercings at the same time and in this blog we list the possibilities for triple piercings and where you can have them done.<br />

"All good things come in threes" definitely ranks true when we talk about piercings. We are all falling for triple piercings!


As seen on models on the runway and other celebrities, multiple earlobe piercings have rapidly become a hot trend. More and more people are sporting cute triplets and happily flaunting their freshly pierced sexy ears.


But the possibilities don't end there!


There are many ways to create your own unique look by placing three studs, rings or barbells in a row, and to make it easy for you, we've listed some possibilities below:



Triple Earlobe
The earlobe piercing remains the most popular piercing to date. As we all know, getting pierced can be quite addictive and this is why a lot of people decide to have multiple piercings done at once. It looks super cute, yet can still be subtle when you wear three small rings, for example.


Triple helix piercing
The Helix is located at the top of the ear on the outside of the ear. You can choose to wear a simple button (Labret stud) or ring.


Triple forward helix
The forward helix is placed opposite the ordinary helix piercing. The forward helix is close to the face, above the Tragus.


Triple lip piercing/snake bite
Snake bites are rings or studs placed under the lip, when people decide to have multiple piercings done in this area, they often choose three small studs in the corner of the bottom lip. However, it would be possible to do this in the middle as well.


Triple tongue piercings
The mid line tongue piercing is the most common type of tongue piercing, it goes straight through the middle of your tongue and it's possible to have three done next to each other or combine one with two horizontal piercings on the side, forming a triangle.


Triple nose piercing and triple septum piercing
The triple nostril piercing is another variation of the nostril piercing that involves a third hole and piercing.
These are not common types of nose piercings but when added, it creates an awesome stylish look. You can pierce 3 holes on the same side or 2 holes on one side and 1 hole in the opposite direction. The choice is totally yours. It is generally done in a triangular pattern or formed in a line with great precaution so as not to damage any nerve structure while creating the pattern.

As you continue to pierce the nostril, your options grow increasingly limited. When creating more holes, piercers have to be careful avoiding nerves and other things that might influence the position of the piercings. Seen as a more adventurous piercing, you can wear studs, nostril screws, nose hoops, and other pieces of jewelry in your triple nostril piercing.


Triple eyebrow piercing
Opt for studs for a subtle shimmer or go with barbells for a bolder statement. In recent years more and more people have decided to get dermal piercings above the eyebrow as well.

Dermal piercings are single-point surface piercings, unlike traditional piercings that go in one side of your flesh and out the other. This creates a very different look from your regular piercing ring or barbell. There are many parts of the body that allow for dermals but some of the most popular spots are above the collarbone, eyebrow, chest, and neck. One of many possibilities would be to place three studs of various and increasing sizes next to each other.


Intimate piercings
Intimate piercings allow for multiple piercings in one area as well. Some examples are the clitoral hood piercing for women or the Prince Albert for men. Keep in mind that there needs to be enough space to have the piercings done and this may vary per person.

While you may have your mind set on creating a specific look and are attempting to achieve this through getting multiple piercings, it's important to keep in mind that any professional piercing artists will only agree to do this if they think it's a responsible decision.
Every person's body is different and while some people can have multiple piercings done in their ear, nose or other parts of the body, this might not be the case for you. Therefore, it's good to inform yourself and ask a qualified piercing artist what the possibilities are before you plan on getting pierced to prevent any disappointment.



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