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Top 10 Piercing things you should know

Top 10 Piercing things you should know

10 things parents should know before going to a studio.

1. The studio needs to be in the possession of a valid certificate from the health authorities. In Holland, this is the GGD. It is strongly discouraged that children (or anyone for that matter) get a piercing or tattoo at private parties or in people's homes.

2. It is important to know by whom you will be pierced. If you don't feel comfortable with your piercer it is wise to choose a different one or someone at another studio. When you have decided on a piercer you can ask for the consent form. This is the moment to ask any questions you might have. Remember; there is not such thing as a stupid question.

3. The needle is another important thing to pay attention to. The needle used for piercing needs to be sterile at all times. How to make sure that this is the case? The needle comes sealed in paper. This means, that in order to use the needle you will have to tear the packaging. If this isn't the case, the needle is NOT sterile! In the Netherlands only the use of this kind of needle is allowed but other countries may have different guidelines.

4. Which materials are used? Your piercer can inform you about which materials they use. Titanium or Bioplast are considered to be the best.

5. Is the piercing sterile? The sterilization bag needs to be closed and unfolded. Normally, the sterilization date will be mentioned on the bag. The date indicates when the piercing is sterilized and it will remain sterile for a period of 6 months.

6. Now the question that's on everyone's mind....
"Does it hurt?" Yes, every piercing hurts, regardless of what the piercer will tell you. Some will hurt more than others but it's best to assume that it will hurt.

7. Should you join your child in the room where they will get pierced?
Parents should decide this for themselves. If you have a fear of needles, it might be better to let your child go on its own.
It is no problem not to be present at this stage. As a parent you play a particularly important role in the preliminary stage and with aftercare. If you choose to stay with your child when they get pierced, no more questions can be asked. When the piercing is done, the time for questions has passed.

8. The piercing is done. This is a very important moment for your child. In almost all cases, your child will be content. The best you can do for you child is to enjoy this moment with them.

9. Hygiene and aftercare instructions for piercings. You will receive aftercare instructions in writing or by e-mail. It is important that your child remains involved. It often happens that the child will not apply proper aftercare (e.g. school children who will want to see and touch the piercing). What is used to clean the piercing, how often should the piercing be cleaned, what clothes should be worn and what should I absolutely NOT do? Now is the time to ask questions again.
If your child asks these questions, you will at least know the answers.

10. When should the initial piercing be changed?
The first piercing is usually not the prettiest and kids will want to change it quickly. You, as a parent, should know that the first piercing should only be changed when it is fully healed. Never before, as this can cause problems. One can easily see when a piercing is healed. If you're not 100% sure, it is advises to go back to the studio. Therefore, don't change the first piercing too fast, as it will most likely cause complications.



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