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The healing properties of salt

The healing properties of salt

The healing and therapeutic properties of salt. Find out why salt is such a great remedy and what it can do for your health.

In certain cultures, salt is an important ingredient for survival in the arid desert. And it is well known that salt can be used both as treatment method and medicine. Salt used medicinally is not used in the form as it is in dry matter. Therefore, disorders in the glandular functions, which usually lead to obesity, can be combated very well by bathing in seawater. The thyroid gland also benefits from such baths.
Dry or moist salt compresses can be used to extract moisture from the tissues. You can also achieve good results using salt compresses when suffering from edema (fluid retention).

Gargling with salt water is another good remedy. This is ideal, for example, for treating a sore throat or gum disease.

In case of inflammation of the nasal mucosa, it is good to regularly sniff some salt water. After that, you can repeat this with normal water. It is a simple, yet effective way to combat susceptibility to nasal colds and throat inflammations. You can use common table salt for this, or if you live by the sea, seawater.

Many practitioners of yoga use daily nasal cleansing and the doctor will occasionally prescribe a salt spray sinus infections. 
However, the benefits of salt are not limited to external use, but good results can also be achieved internally. In that case, it is better not to use regular kitchen salt or even iodine or fluorine-enriched salt, but only sea salt, or even better: a seasoning salt. The trace elements of sea salt or seasoning salt work perfectly on the glands with internal secretion, because they are able to normalize both too powerful and too weak a function. Often obesity is also a consequence of a defective glandular function.

Salt is also an excellent preservative; extracts from fresh plants retain their full effectiveness when they are preserved by salt.

Salt also finds a wide application in homeopathy.
Skin conditions such as acne, infections of the skin, insect bites, women's and vascular diseases, and even arthritis and rheumatism benefit from a salt bath. You don't have to suffer from anything to use a salt bath, this can not hurt anyway and will at least offer relaxation.

Himalayan bath salt stimulates blood circulation, moisturizes the skin, helps retain moisture in the skin cells, provides cell regeneration, detoxifies the skin and helps to heal dry, flaky and irritated skin.Bathing in salt water reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, relaxes the muscles and reduces the pain.
For people with psoriasis, sea salt can also offer a solution. Treatments in the Dead Sea in combination with sunlight has an immensely positive effect on the psoriatic skin. When one is at home and the itching becomes unbearable, one should not scratch but apply hot compresses of sea salt. This inhibits the inflammation of the peeling skin and greatly reduces the itching.
The last couple of years we have seen a huge increase in the use of products containing Dead Sea Salt.

The beneficial effects of Dead Sea minerals have been known for thousands of years. David, Salomon and the Queen of Sheba have set up spa palaces on the banks. Cleopatra obtained, for a lot of money, the exclusive rights of the Dead Sea region. She commissioned the construction of pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories, in which the necessary raw materials were extracted from the Dead Sea. The remains of this can still be seen with Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi.

Even today, many people with skin and joint problems seek relief in the Dead Sea. Large health centers and hotels have developed on the coast in recent years.
The Dead Sea contains 40 different minerals, halogens, and trace elements. The concentration is 28%, i.e. 7 times stronger than found in any other seas and oceans. Moreover, the content of potassium and magnesium is much higher.
This unique composition of the Dead Sea is the most important factor for the healing properties. A bath in these minerals works relaxing and soothes the stressed nerves. The moisture balance of the skin cells improves so that the skin becomes smoother and tightens noticeably easier.
A bath in a strong concentration of Dead Sea minerals also relieves symptoms of severe skin conditions, rheumatism, and chronic inflammations.

When comparing the minerals the body needs to function properly with the minerals found in the Dead Sea, it appears that most of these are present in the Dead Sea.
In particular, the minerals necessary for cell metabolism.

Of the many great properties of Dead Sea minerals, three are particularly important for skin care and treatment of skin problems. These are:
the hygroscopic power, this is the ability to retain and attract moisture. This is used twofold in skincare to restore the moisture content of dry skin and to remove unwanted fluid accumulations in the skin.
the ability of exfoliation, the power to stimulate peeling of the skin, important in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema
the regenerative capacity, a strong ability to stimulate the healing processes of the skin, important in case of damage caused by skin problems, eg acne
Minerals are inorganic, they are not produced in the body and must, therefore, be absorbed. This can be done via the food and also through the skin. There is no storage of minerals in the body, once they have done their work they are excreted and therefore have to be supplied again and again.
They are vital to the body and work, among other things, as a catalyst for vitamins and activate the enzymes.
In addition to the minerals, halogens also play an important role, the body uses them in the same way as minerals. Halogens bind directly to metals to salts such as chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and iodine.
They exert a strong stimulating power on the natural healing processes of the body. Minerals and halogens both carry an electric charge, the minerals are positively charged, the halogens negative. Skincare is used in the minerals of these properties.

Minerals such as calcium, chromium, potassium, copper, and sodium are essential for certain metabolic processes;
they help in the exchange of substances via the cell membrane (osmosis)
monitor the moisture balance of the cells, including the skin cells
affect the gland secretions
have a beneficial effect on the muscular and nervous system
catalyze the vitamins
exfoliate the skin

The main minerals active minerals contain the following properties:

Bromine soothes, softens and relaxes the skin.
Magnesium works anti-allergic.
Iodine and sulfate are natural antiseptics.
Strontium and Lithium play an important role in the proper functioning of the skin cells.
Potassium regulates the osmosis and fluid balance of the skin cells.
Sodium and Calcium are important for the natural healing process.

Dead Sea minerals can bring relief from eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems. An (extremely) greasy or (extremely) dry skin becomes palpable and visibly better. Bathing in the Dead Sea is beneficial for all skin types.

No side effects are known about Dead Sea minerals and no habituation develops during long-term use. Dead Sea minerals also provide optimal care and protection for people with 'normal' skin. The skin becomes smoother and has a younger and fresher appearance.

Dead sea salt is available at almost any drug store but with you'll benefit from regular sea salt as well.

I think we have given you enough reasons to get excited about the use of sea salt, and if it doesn't work it sure won't do any harm!

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