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24 reasons why you should come to Piercings Works

24 reasons why you should come to Piercings Works


1. Everyone talks with a funny accent! In Piercings Works people work from all over the world, and it is therefore very funny to listen to the various attempts made to talk English and Dutch.

2. They have such an odd time to be open! They are open every day from 10:30-22:00, no weekends for them. NO WEEKENDS!!!


3. How on earth do they know how much tongue piercings they have? They say to have over 2000 different ones, unbelievable!


4. You can sleep and get your tattoo, they are the only ones in the world to do painless tattooing.


5. They are so funky that they post 4 Facebook statuses per DAY!


6. And that’s not even everything... They also post daily on Periscope.


7. Every week they post on their blog, and surprisingly, valuable things can be found there…


8. On their web-shop you can order today and get it in tomorrow! How do they get time for that?


9. You want to learn how to pierce people? No problem! They got a course for that, and their students are actually happy with it!


10. You got issues with your mom and dad, they don’t let you get a piercing or tattoo? They made a book that helps you out called ‘Help, my child wants a piercing/tattoo!’


11. You can sign in to the club-card for FREE and get 10% discount on everything, all the time.


12. They often give away free balloons, how random?


13. They always have fabulous boxes and bags they pack your orders in.


14. You get the piercing or tattoo aftercare information emailed to you after your purchase, isn’t that handy?


15. You have free access to Wi-Fi in the shop!


16. You always get a alcohol pad to disinfect your piercing.


17. You get gel to stretch your piercing with more ease.


18. You are guaranteed to get a new piercing if your swarovski stones fall out in your piercing


19. They have authorities working as tattoo and piercing artists.


20. They always have the newest collection of piercing in the WORLD. Nothing new can happen in the world of piercings before the acknowledgment of Piercings Works.


21. They always joke and mess around, such a weird group of employees


22. They constantly make new deals and discounts, it’s never boring.


23. They have 20 years of experience!


24. Last but not least.. They are CRAZY!



If you want to get a new piercing, it is now possible to schedule your appointment with us! Get pierced when it suits you! You can pay right away, so you don't have to think about it during your appointment.


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