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10 vacation tips!

10 vacation tips!

These tips will make sure you are well prepared for a vacation if you have a piercing or tattoo.

1. When you're on vacation it is often hard to find (the right) piercing jewelry. Make sure to bring extra jewelry in case you lose any.

2. The metal detector at the airport is sensitive to metal heavier than 2 grams. If you want to make sure you won't get in any trouble, it is advised to (temporarily) wear jewelry made of different materials. Bioplast, plastic or silicone jewelry are excellent!

3. Most people assume that when a tattoo is healed, no precautions are needed when exposing yourself to the sun. This is, however, untrue. It is important to protect your tattoo at all times by using a high factor sunscreen. When you neglect to do so, your tattoo can fade prematurely.

4. If you plan to go on vacation with a tattoo that is not healed completely, we strongly recommend you stay out of the sun.
5. If you aren't planning on swimming in salt water make sure to bring some sea salt of your own in case your piercing gets infected.

6. Planning to sunbathe? Be careful! Belly button piercings can get extremely hot when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. This is very painful and could lead to complications.

7. Bring oil for stretched earlobes. Salt water and sun will cause your skin to dry out and oils such as Jojoba and vitamin E oil will keep your skin supple. Additionally, they will help your skin to heal faster.

8. If you want to be comfortable while enjoying high temperatures it is best not to wear surgical steel. Surgical steel retains heat and can cause a lot of discomfort. It is not recommended to wear wooden jewelry either, as wood may crack when exposed to high temperatures. Acrylic jewelry is a good alternative since it is hardly affected by heat.

9. Make sure to bring the contact information of a studio you like, so you can contact them in case anything goes wrong.

10. Last but not least; be super mindful when you decide to get a tattoo or piercing in a different country. Not all countries follow the same hygiene guidelines and some don't follow any at all!




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