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Wish tree: make a wish and find out what awaits you!

Wish tree: make a wish and find out what awaits you!

Wish tree: make a wish and find out what awaits you!


Make a wish and select one of the ornaments with numbers on the tree.
Search for the number you've chosen here under and find out if your wish will be fulfilled!



1. You have high self-esteem and self-confidence. You'll get what you want, because you'll do everything in your power to make your dream reality.


2. You are an energetic person, sure of yourself. You don't believe that everything is "destined", but that you are creator of your life, and you are ready to do everything to achieve your goals and your desires. This applies to everything, even the seemingly impossible wishes. You can do it!


3. You are the type of person who is accustomed to live and act according to circumstances. Unfortunately, you often decide to "go with the flow", not trying to change your destiny, although you are able to do so. Try to be more goal oriented, believe in yourself and your abilities and then, your dreams can be achieved.


4. You are very demanding person, to those around you and towards yourself. When you decide something there is no quitting, you put all your efforts into achieving your goal. So don't give up, you are going in the right direction.


5. Your natural impulsiveness often interferes with you achieving your desires. Do not rush yourself and others, take a breath. Your wish will surely come true just take it easy.


6. You are very lucky person, but sometimes you're lazy. To accomplish your goal you need to get up and go towards its fulfillment.


7. Your wish will come true, but it will take time. Be patient!


8. It looks like you're constantly focused on your wish. Tune out, stop thinking about it all the time, simply let go, and you'll see that the results will come in no time.


9. Your wish will soon be realized. But it's very likely that you'll be asking yourself: "Did I really need this?"


10. Be humble with your wishes. Are you maybe asking for too much? Ask the universe to fulfill more modest wish, and it will surely come true.


11. Your wish is still unfulfilled for one reason only: you didn't put any effort in its realization.


12. Your wish is about to come true!





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