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Streching - Expanders

Streching - Expanders

Expanders made of various types of materials and available in different sizes.

With expanders it is possible to stretch your piercing step by step. It is used mostly for the earlobs but it can also be used for a variety of other piercings.

Use 'True Jelly' (sterile stretching gel) while stretching your piercing to guarantee yourself a smooth stretching process and to reduce the chance of getting skin irritations/tears/blow-outs to a minimum.

TIP: Stretch while or just after taking a shower when your skin is extra flexible. Never try to stretch more than 2mm at once. Let the stretched skin heal and adjust to the new size for at least two weeks before going further to a bigger diameter.

TIP: Never clean your acrylic expander with alcohol or an alcohol based cleaning products, this damages the material. Use a mild (antibacterial) soap and clean water instead.

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