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One of the world's top 10 piercing and tattoo studio’s
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We have a Piercings & Tattoos studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands .

We are the first tattoo shop in Amsterdam to have been authorized by the Dutch Health Department (the GG&GD) and have gotten our permit to do tattoo's and piercings.


Our Studio and Shop is open every day from 10:30 - 22:00.

Piercings Works inside the Shop & Studio

Our Address:

Piercings Works
Reguliersbreestraat 46
1017 CN Amsterdam
Netherlands, the

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Customer Service: 

+31 (0) 20 4282049



Registration details
Onix-Piercings Works 
CoC: 05060748
TAX: NL806983942B01
Bank ABN Amro:
IBAN: NL59ABNA0568138198
EORI: 806983942

Ministry of Health Permit (PDF)

1 F.A.Q. Labret / Lip piercing
1.1 Does it hurt to get a labret piercing?
The pain is not too bad but this remains personal. It feels like a short prick.
1.2 Can I get one with a small stud?
Yes, that's possible but the initial (longer) piercing bar needs to be worn during the first 3 weeks because your lip will swell.
1.3 How long will it be swollen?
This varies per person. Approximately 3 to 10 days.
1.4 Will this irritate my gums?
There is a small possibility, but this varies per person and depends on the place of the piercing. This can be solved by wearing a Bioplast bar.
1.5 How long is the healing process?
The healing process will take up to 6 to 8 weeks. The less you 'play' with it, the faster it will heal. When you do play with your piercing, the healing process will take longer (2-4 weeks).
1.6 How long do I have to wear the bar?
2 to 4 weeks.
1.7 What are the risks?
When you neglect to take care of your piercing it may get infected. When your bar is too short it can cause ingrowth. Chances of damaging your gums and teeth exist with a steel bar (these are non-existent when using a Bioplast bar).
1.8 How do I take care of my lip piercing?
Clean the outside twice a day, using UniCura soap. After dinner, rinse your mouth with water and a sea salt solution.
2 F.A.Q. Tongue piercing
2.1 Does it hurt to get my tongue pierced?
This is considered the least painful piercing. The only disadvantage of a tongue piercing is that you will experience a lot of swelling in the beginning. They day after getting the piercing, your tongue can swell up to twice its usual size. Make sure to take this in consideration.
2.2 How long does it take to heal?
This is the fastest healing piercing. With proper aftercare the healing process should take 2 to 4 weeks.
2.3 What can and can't I do with a tongue piercing?
You will be able to do most things without experiencing any difficulties but during the healing process it is advised to pay attention to the following things: - Don't drink any dairy products. Milk produces a lot of phlegm and lactic acid in the blood. - After getting your tongue pierced, it's a good idea to eat a pop sickle to reduce the swelling. - Abstain from drinking alcohol during the first couple of days. Alcohol thins your blood and will delay the healing process. Most people experience no difficulty eating, while others do in the beginning. If this is the case, it is advised to take it easy.
2.4 What are the risks of a tongue piercing?
- It's bad for your teeth and enamel. - When you wear a bar that is too short, there is a risk of ingrowth. - Scar tissue. - Receding of your gums.
2.5 How long do I need to wear the longer bar?
About 3 weeks. This varies per person. After this period you can get a free shorter bar using your piercing voucher at our studio.
2.6 Can I smoke with a tongue piercing?
Yes, that's possible. After smoking you will have to rinse your mouth with a sea salt solution.
2.7 Can I kiss?
Yes. Just keep in mind that through kissing 60.000 bacterias are exchanged. Rinse your mouth after kissing.
2.8 How often do I need to rinse my mouth?
After each contact your mouth makes. Meaning; after dinner, drinking, smoking, kissing etc.
2.9 Is it possible to get my tongue pierced if I am wearing braces?
This depends on what kind of braces you are wearing: - If you have full braces, we don't recommend it. - If you have upper braces on the inside it's not recommended either. - If you have braces on the bottom on the inside it should not be a problem.
2.10 What do I do if my employer won't allow it?
It's possible to replace your barbell balls with clear balls. A clear piercing made of Acrylic or Bioplast could also be a solution. If this is not allowed, it's best not to get one.
2.11 Can I satisfy my partner orally?
No, this can lead to infections.
2.12 Can I get two piercings at the same time?
This depends on your tongue.
3 F.A.Q. Navel piercing
3.1 Does a navel piercing hurt?
Again, this is very personal and different for everyone. Some people find it painful while others don't. Generally, it's not that bad. It's comparable to an injection but everyone experiences pain in a different way.
3.2 How long will it take to heal?
The healing time will be 4 to 6 months. When you have excess belly fat it may take up to a month longer to heal.
3.3 How big is the chance of infection?
This is entirely up to you: When you take proper care of your piercing on a daily basis it should not get infected. Wearing clothes that are too tight (skinny jeans etc.) can lead to infections.
3.4 How do I take care of this piercing?
You will receive a free aftercare package from us with which you can clean your piercing. You'll need to clean your piercing twice a day using UniCura Soap. Wash your hands with UniCura first, then apply soap to your hands and move your piercing back and forth. Make sure to rinse your piercing properly to get rid of any possible soap residue.
3.5 Can I use Sterilon?
No, most certainly not! Sterilon can have an aggressive effect on your skin. Sterilon is meant to treat wounds. When you apply Sterilon on the same piece of skin every day, your skin will become irritated and you'll have a bigger chance of infection and dry skin.
3.6 Can I swim?
No. During the first 6 weeks swimming is not allowed. After 6 weeks you may only swim in salt sea water. If you do decide to swim after 6 weeks, you'll have to clean it after using UniCura.
3.7 What happens if I don't clean my piercing properly?
By neglecting to clean your piercing you will risk your chances of infection and the healing time will be longer.
3.8 Is there a chance my piercing will grow out?
Yes, there is always a chance of this happening. This can happen because of various reasons: - Your body can reject the piercing. - If you sleep on your stomach the piercing may grow out due to pressure. - By wearing tight clothing. - When you're overweight. When getting pierced, it can come under pressure causing it to grow out.
3.9 What will cause my piercing to get infected?
- Bad hygiene and/or aftercare. - Wearing jewelery that is either small or big. - Sleeping on it. - Getting caught on something.
3.10 How can I best treat an infected navel piercing?
By using a sea salt solution: Dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in 0,5 liter water. Dab your piercing with a clean towel and the sea salt solution for about 10 minutes. Keep this up for a couple of days and you should see progress.
3.11 What are the risks?
When you don't apply proper aftercare it may get infected. Your piercing could grow out. (scar tissue).
4 F.A.Q. Eyebrow piercing
4.1 Does an eyebrow piercing hurt?
Judging by most people's experiences it's not that bad. You can compare it to an injection. Women tend to be more sensitive as they mostly have fuller eyebrows.
4.2 How long is the healing process?
About 8 to 9 weeks. If your piercing gets caught on something, add a couple of extra weeks.
4.3 Why do I need a bar this long?
There are a few reasons for this: - Your eyebrow will swell in the beginning. - In order to keep it clean you have to be able to move the piercing easily.
4.4 What do I do for aftercare?
Rinse twice a day with UniCura soap: - Wash your hands with UniCura first, apply soap to your hands and move your piercing back and forth. - Rinse the piercing well to ged rid of any possible soap residue.
4.5 What are the risks of an eyebrow piercing?
- When you don't apply proper aftercare there are chances of infection. - The piercing can get caught on something which can tear it out. - It can grow out.
4.6 How big is the chance of infection?
This is something you can largely control yourself. With proper aftercare an infection is not common.
4.7 Can I swim?
Not during the first 6 weeks. Swimming in seawater may be okay because this water contains a lot of salt.